Daily Archives: February 23, 2016

“The bright star of the night was GUIDES, an up-and-comer from Los Angeles…

The band will be appreciated by those who love New Order and Peter Hook and the Light, who in friendlier days together were Joy Division. And we can only hope GUIDES has no such dischord; if they stay on their current track, the band will make the breakthrough.

Cogswell’s haunting voice is like that of an alternative angel, somewhat similar in style to Morrissey, but with a humble and undeniable American flair. Together with the very big beat play of drummer Larson, and bass and guitar lines of veteran Hussey, the band is modern combination of alternative’s biggest and brightest: Gang of Four, The Clash and The Smiths.

Make the trip across town if you must. One day you will say that you knew GUIDES way back when.”


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