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Excited to announce that we’re playing The Echoplex AUG 19 – 7PM for ECHO PARK RISING

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Just announced! Playing shows with Haunted Summer + Edith Crash on the way to Austin. Then playing a few parties….
03/13/16 – Tempe AZ – Yucca Tap Room
03/14/16 – Tucson AZ – Sky Bar Tucson
03/15/16 – Marfa TX – Lost Horse Saloon
03/16/16 – Austin TX – SXSW- Whole Foods Market Austin – 7:15PM
03/16/16 – Austin TX – SXSW – Duggan’s Dugout – 10:30PM

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“The bright star of the night was GUIDES, an up-and-comer from Los Angeles…

The band will be appreciated by those who love New Order and Peter Hook and the Light, who in friendlier days together were Joy Division. And we can only hope GUIDES has no such dischord; if they stay on their current track, the band will make the breakthrough.

Cogswell’s haunting voice is like that of an alternative angel, somewhat similar in style to Morrissey, but with a humble and undeniable American flair. Together with the very big beat play of drummer Larson, and bass and guitar lines of veteran Hussey, the band is modern combination of alternative’s biggest and brightest: Gang of Four, The Clash and The Smiths.

Make the trip across town if you must. One day you will say that you knew GUIDES way back when.”


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Our EP made the top list on Buzzbands LA. Thanks to Kevin Bronson for the props.
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Impose Magazine premieres the Be Hussey-directed video for our New Order Cover!

“Be brings out the song’s expression of inward felt desires of solace and freedom from an interior monologue to found oceanside fancy…to carnival catered fun on a ferris wheel. The video for “Leave Me Alone” presents a vision of joyous solitude enjoyed in the public world from the market place, public transportation portals, west coast shoreline sojourns, to even emphasizing the intimacy of moments spent alone with one thoughts by the film comp focus on fleeting shadows. GUIDES and Kristeen bring new meanings and a new life to the New Order number by further embracing the song’s statement of importance placed upon the basic necessity of one’s alone time.” -Sjimon Gompers, Impose Magazine
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“The finished product belies the stream- of-consciousness nature of the recording. ‘We weren’t really thinking that much,’ Cogswell says, hence the name. ‘The thinking came later,’ he says. ‘We got heady with the edits and arrangements.'”


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GUIDES Featuring Kristeen Young – “Leave Me Alone” (New Order cover)
“With Kristeen standing in for Bernard Sumner and GUIDES providing a new electric take on the New Order new-wave original, the group together provides a new escapist take on the synth pop single where new feelings and potent possibilities become revealed by their new rendering.” -Sjimon Gompers, Impose Magazine


iTunes | Bandcamp | Spotify | Soundcloud


Produced by Be Hussey

Kristeen Young – Vocals
Chris Cogswell – Guitar
Jayson Larson – Drums
Be Hussey – Bass, BG Vocals
Luke Ehret – Additional Guitar, Engineering, Synth

Recorded/Mixed by Be Hussey at comp-ny Los Angeles CA
Mastered by Chris Goosman at Baseline Audio Labs, Ann Arbor MI

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“Los Angeles dance-y noiserock GUIDES on second-half of winter tour”

The three have sculpted rock with defibrillating textures since 2012, into songs that exemplify the coastal resurgence of noise and agitas. Their fall EP “Abstract Mind” builds off 2013’s self-titled 7″, howling as it dances in pools of drone….” -Ryan Mo, The Deli LA

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We recorded a 5-song live session at Studio Paradiso in San Francisco for Daytrotter.


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Our West Coast tour starts Monday! Click here for more info






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We are stoked to be playing San Diego Music Thing this year! We play Saturday, Nov 14 – 9pm at The Merrow with Babes, Goose & Mavrk & Paper Days. GET MORE INFO

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Played 5 songs on TV Friday to support our set at Summer Sweat Fresno. Check them out.


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GUIDES - Abstract Mind EP

ABSTRACT MIND is out today! Get it from your favorite online store:



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Premiere the new video for “Pictures On Pictures” from the ABSTRACT MIND EP on Surviving The Golden Age


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In the subversive tradition of best post-punk music, the debut EP from Los Angeles trio GUIDES is conceptual, discomfiting and abrasive. And beautiful in all those ways. “Abstract Mind,” which comes out Friday, is the work of singer-guitarist Chris Cogswell, drummer Jayson Larson and bassist Be Hussey, all of whom have stellar credits playing other local outfits. It comes from a visceral place, in all its glorious melodic eccentricities, blasts of shoegazing and stream-of-consciousness imagery. Have we “lost it,” as Cogswell asks in “Get Conceptual”? “I wanted to write lyrics that went well with the expansive music we were making, including … the kind of melody that can only be heard while dreaming. That was my goal,” he says. “It’s our way of saying ‘This way, into the Abstract Mind.’” –Kevin Bronson


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Listen to our single “Pictures On Pictures” on The Independent FM Buzzbands.LA show.
Team Clermont going for adds for our EP today!
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“GUIDES’ music strikes an impressive balance between taut energy, murky atmospherics, and ostentatious bursts of catharsis.”
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“Newly formed LA group Guides may be fresh, but they certainly aren’t inexperienced. Featuring members of Death Cab for Cutie and Radar Brothers, they have a knack for memorable melodies and driving riffs that will make you sit up straight and listen. Check out “Be the One I” below!”
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White vinyl

Creamy white vinyl version and also the digital download from all your favorite digital outlets:

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, buy it at Origami Vinyl.

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“…Guides dally in textures and tones, but in their abrasive riffage and pummeling rhythms lay a sense of purpose that make you question your comfortable notion of “pretty.”….The menacing “Careful, I Was Every Sin” is from a three-song 7-inch/digital release the band has on the way July 1. “Careful” hurts so good when the big guitars kick in just shy of the 2-minute mark.”
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Free Bike Valet has premiered the first song of our debut 3-song release, out July 1 on 7″ vinyl and iTunes.


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Check out GUIDES cameo in this video of Summer Garage Jam. We played a show on the top of the ‘Shepard Fairey’ parking structure in L.A. brought to you by the folks at District La Brea.

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A little write-up about our upcoming show from Free Bike Valet. Check it out here.

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